Wednesday 24th July 2013

fill your cup and stay up all night with me

again, count the stars, as we did last night, count the stars and know

our own stardust, the facts of our own light, hear

our own wavelengths, passing through and leaving we, the darkest stars. stay up all night without me, blare our music and hear each other's looped endlessly, fill a paper cup with sound, starlight, sound, facets and sound to open our

million mental eyes to our wavelengths and drain the cup. stay up all night within me, shine songs to make us remember, to make us forget, me to forget you, each note a stardrop. we blare

and spin the sky and swell and burst blindingly go

nova together, filling one last cup

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Friday 10th July 2009

not opposites but rotations, parts of a sum, low gradients, reflections facets of a same and we

are connected. unlearn and let me clarify, there are two directions on our single dimension why can you not see? unlearn, breathe deep and dive deep and see how

we are connected, not opposites just opposite directions, see how connected we are. peel back my shell my layers to find me, keep peeling to find nothing in the center, i am in the barriers not dividing but connecting, between dust and breath, streetlight and dark, body and body and mind and mind we are

connected, we are not distinct and not discrete and you wonder where and what i am even as you hold my layers? there is

nothing in me, nothing but layers in me, in us, we are connected, we are nothing else, we are nothing and we are

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Tuesday 20th January 2009

who do you talk to, why do you whisper when i come in? i'm the same as i ever was. here touch my forehead, feel the burning mind, how did i get to the floor it makes no sense no i don't need to lie down. do me a favor turn off the light, set the sun, speak

softly, we're so close only you can hurt me. i touch the floor that touches you, we breathe the same air, we are parallel lines we are full of the same information, it makes perfect sense please try to keep up with me. i can ignore nothing, i can't forget no matter how i try. how did i

get here is this another hallucination? i never know, they're so real, more than real, i view it all through a lens i wish i could share, wish you could understand, i feel so out of place here i feel like i'm on fire, i don't know if we're real. i wish you'd trust me i'm the same as i ever was, i'll wake up

soon. speak softly, i prefer the waking dreams, the mind

is a terrible thing

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Thursday 25th September 2008

to ash, to sameness. i turn

and push against, pull you in, i turn the wheel

and am turned in turn, turn, turn, i turn the wheel that turns

and turns, everything in turn, i am the heat engine, i turn the wheel that turns the world

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Friday 18th July 2008

everything has changed can you feel it? it's a newness, i've forgotten every nightmare i've ever had i can't understand your worry lines. there's no need to take my temperature. this clarity with which i see i wish i could show you i wish you'd just believe

me. what has changed me? these are not problems these are blessings in disguise, impenetrable disguise. i have changed

everything, can see everywhere. these walls the distance between my mind and yours is unknowable and i see this, such clarity. i've looked everywhere looked for a way to feel this alive. i see black see the white lines of the grid spreading out to forever beyond distance itself to the ideal point but i see it, feel it feel so alive such

clarity, such distance i can see where we are but do not remember getting here, the destination not the journey, something has changed i have lost control have lost my bearing. point me in the right direction walk with me if you will, forget everything take my

hand see the newness, feel me show you nothing has changed.

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Saturday 21st June 2008

these pills i'm confused these pills aren't working we'll need to consider options. what if i stopped completely? never mind that you found me in the empty bathtub i was just resting, it's quiet in there, the drip of the faucet at the edge of hearing soothes i'm on

edge most of the time now, i'm on the edge looking over i can see forever see through everything but you remain opaque, you're the one solid thing but divergent fuzzy around the edges and not well defined, it underscores the need

for change, we've been over this your presence complicates things, you muddy the waters, you divert me. please will you stop whispering. this this is what i'm talking about, there's a voice in the next room it sounds like yours and i my mind makes you real i wish you'd stop whispering do you understand me? do i understand you? it's a

mystery this person i am, i am speaking as clearly as i can i can't seem to wake up. no i don't need your help, i'm fine i just lost my balance further evidence that these pills are just placebos it's a common problem these days, these

data the data they all point to the same thing

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Sunday 9th March 2008

just the pain this time, once more with feeling, feeling just the pain feeling everything, feeling

bleak again, opaque, are you my shadow? am i in yours? if i am it's fine don't move, the light hurts me just

now, slow down you're going a mile a minute, i'm having trouble i'm having trouble focusing i'm having trouble i don't remember exactly how i

got here, this meadow is unfamiliar the wind is wrong here, here here you are, you are we are all aspects of the same, it's important you hear what i'm saying, the same entity do you understand? our names the line separating us is so small and so arbitrary, like us, degenerate so fragile i have so much to say and so little

time and world, turn me upside down shake me i'll forget it all. do you understand? i'm sorry if you do i'm sorry if i let you too far in. i need something for the pain. what are you putting into my cup, what have i swallowed, what am i on? i am on radio, i am on holiday, i am on fire, when my fever

breaks help me help me pick up the pieces.

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