Friday 13th January 2006

phriday night physics

consider a falling body. human body.

let it be given the body falls for 7.0×10¹s. approximate the acceleration due to gravity (at g = 9.8 m/s²) to ignore air resistance until reaching terminal velocity of 195 km/h, or equivalently 54.16_m/s. from v = gt, we have 5.52 s of freefall in this manner. from d=(gt²)/2 this yields d = 149.7 m.

we have 64.48 s left. from d = vt, where v is terminal velocity defined above, d = 3492.6_. this gives us a total distance fallen in 70 seconds of 3642 m, or (for the non-metrically minded) 2.263 miles. we report two significant digits.

so gandalf fell 2.3 miles.

this is what i get for working in a place where the jokes involve redundant light bulbs and hot-swappable trash cans. i get freaking awesome, that's what i get.

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Sunday 18th December 2005


so there's this person.

this person has a name that i occasionally see written down, a fantastically beautiful name. it's nothing i've ever heard before and it just flows in my mind. wind through tall grass, that sort of thing. i hope you can understand i can't actually write the name down here; instead, think of rainbows and butterflies and flowers, and put that all into letters until the letter combination sounds like a warm summer sunday morning.

it may not seem like it on the surface, but i'm a very passionate person.* so the logical thing to do was to develop an immediate and intense name crush on this girl.

and then when her name comes up again a few weeks later it turns out that she isn't a she.

rationally i know nothing would ever have come of it (and i wouldn't have wanted anything, to be sure; i'm happily married and you cannot have me, miss mr beautiful name), but psychologically it was very disappointing. odd, some things.

all i want for christmas is 184 front teeth. please help. no one should have to choose between memory and food.

*not really, but it makes the transition easier.

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Monday 7th November 2005


… in addition to having a firm command of the above, candidates will be expected to wet their pants and cry for mommy, and afterward question their future careers.

useful texts:
none, you poor sods.

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Sunday 23rd October 2005

bird on the swing

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Tuesday 2nd November 2004

part 2: midnight



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Monday 30th August 2004

vive le commencement

where was visibleman when the revolution began?

in bed with swollen glands and a fever. just like I'll have to tell my grandchildren.

visibleman can save you, can save the day, but can't save himself. is there a lesson to be learned here? some massive insight to be gained? how utterly depressing.

and so it begins. I'm going to begin now.

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Tuesday 30th September 2003

I'm back, apparently

Summer's over. Which also means the days of no Internet (and hence no posting) are over. phew.

I'm engaged, and that's about the most amazing thing ever to have happened to me. Call it cliche, whatever, but it truly is.

More later.

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