Wednesday 1st June 2005


and back around the sun we go again.

where I work, everyone gets the silly 'happy birthday' banners over their desks when their respective birthdays roll around. instead of this, their present to me was not doing it. I'm relieved; I wouldn't have been able to bear the attention.

the last several years my sister has gotten me something else I haven't been able to bear, and every christmas I just gave it back to her. recently she gave up and opened it herself. she played it with her roommate and I don't know why I'm telling you this.

happy birthday from the bottom of your heart. thankya.

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Thursday 26th May 2005

the trick is to keep breathing

pooh. much as I'd like to be whining about the next-in-sequence test in six months, I'll probably be whining about the same one. pooh. it's like that guy said, in that movie my wife likes. 'oh, **** , ****, ******, ****, *** **** and ****.'

but at any rate it's done, and I don't have to worry about it for a significant amount of time, and this is certainly a Good Thing™.

p.s. happy birthday, pretty lady.

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Thursday 19th May 2005

buh bye

I am just going out now. I may be some time.

being all graduated, I was enjoying the lack of tests. how sad. in a week we'll all know how much of an ignoramus I really am. (how equally sad.)

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the force is not with them

last night I fell asleep with a smile on my face, because all the nerds waiting to see the new star wars movie (opened at midnight) were getting rained on. no little shower, either. I'm talking yoda-sized drops here.

there's hunger in the world, wars, hatred and deceit, a horrible amount of misunderstanding. but last night none of that mattered because all the nerds were getting wet.

NERDS thank you for bringing balance to the force.

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Friday 13th May 2005

whither sanity?

next time on wifeswap: we swap a wife from a family of terrestrial authoritarian yuppie democrat midget sea-traders with a wife from a family of martian libertarian redneck republican pirates with elephantitis! see the sparks fly as these two families strangle each other in a sixty-minute bloodbath! grab a double bacon cheeseburger and fries and a 64oz coke, turn off rational thought, tune in tomorrow night and decay your brain just a little more, you embarrassing overweight country of sensationalist reality tv-watching sloths!

you foolish, ridiculous people.

and while I'm on the rant about evil television: when and why did the news get so needlessly entertaining? when I take my tea in the morning I want to hear about what's going on with john bolton's nomination, iran, afghanistan, guantanamo, the u.s. overseas military base closures (which, for the record, is just about the only thing I can agree on with the u.s. military), what pope benedict xvi is up to, the local drought, the deficit, and maybe, for a sense of completeness, the price of tea in china. it doesn't have to be a feel-good experience for me. in fact it should be as cold and heartless as possible. I do not want to see pretty pictures of giant balloons and laughing children. I do not want to hear the latest gossip about what some mayor did or did not do with his secretary. I do not want to hear another damned word about michael jackson. (repeat after me: michael jackson has no bearing on our lives. none whatsoever. go on, repeat after me. say it out loud. how happy it makes you feel! how free! now say it every hour on the hour from now on. in this way you shall brighten the world with the light of reason.)

gah. my temper rises, contrary to my every hope and desire and predisposition.

I feel this post has started on the wrong foot. let me fix that:

'now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.'
-dark helmet, 'spaceballs'

I want a lightsaber.

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Wednesday 11th May 2005

to the point

happiness is a comfy chair after putting on well-folded clothes after a pleasant shower after an invigorating jog in the late spring sun. with dido to keep me company the whole time.

WIFE do not worry, I made her turn away whilst I was changing.

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Monday 9th May 2005

sad days

much as I hate to sing all the old clichés:

who heard the alarm only distantly this morning, and slept past his ideal waking time? who over-brewed the tea this morning, turning it into bitter bitter badness that even his ever-loving and -longsuffering wife couldn't choke down? who has a case of the mondays? the answers is me.

it continues. every paper cut I can remember receiving has arrived on a monday. it is a scientifically verifiable fact that, per unit of area of skin affected, a paper cut is the stupidest type of injury allowable by the laws of physics. it must be a monday. I never could get the hang of mondays.

perhaps on the bright side I have figured out what I want for my birthday.

0. 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine. no not really.
1. booba? kiki? yes yes really, but hard to find for sale. (a friend of mine experiences this. when she closes her eyes, my voice is blue, and round.) the machinations of the mind are an utter enigma.
2. some bloody answers. yes yes really but not likely on the scale I'm hoping for. do they even exist? it is an open question.

days go by and in the end no one knows where all the when went. yesterday's rain is this morning's fog; perhaps that has something to do with it.

or perhaps it's just a sodding monday.

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