Wednesday 28th February 2007

as it should be

the big things get in the way of the little things.

there have been big things lately. no important things, dig, no interesting things; things neither good nor bad, but simply big.

things will be as they ever were. and perhaps a broken habit will be mended.

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Wednesday 2nd August 2006

quite often, actually

sometimes i have bad dreams about scary things. of course nothing like this has happened and if it ever does it will give me an incredible feeling of importance.

n-e-g-l-e-c-t; find out what it means to me. i apologize most justifiedly for being absent for so relatively long. it is my plan to make it up to you. but as i've said before and will inevitably say again, a plan is just a list of things that will go wrong.

unintended victory of the day: quadrilaterals, circles, triangles. shapes on a plane. dig it; it's a homonym.

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Thursday 27th July 2006

ceci n'est pas une post

bugrit, millennium hand and shrimp!

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Sunday 18th June 2006

i like the one where you are missing a tooth

like half your mouth got taken out.

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Saturday 22nd October 2005

reality check

does this place look different in safari? compared to, say, yesterday?

it's important you tell me. tell me.

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be ye informed

an argument against drm. read it. read it!
(by way of)

on the agender today:
one. try to figure out why safari hoses my css. still.
two. try to figure out why i woke up at 7 something and actually felt awake. does that ever happen on a weekday?
three. drink tea. drink more tea.

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Wednesday 21st September 2005

strangest search engine hit ever

and i quote (er, copy and paste):

"harry potter" disk error -ebay -amazon -ea -xbox -leaky -quotes -copying -ps2

whatever you were searching for, guy from tennessee, i doubt you'll ever, ever find it.

a long talk with my sister ended well when i pawned off a men's underwear catalogue that had no business in our house. reason insists that she will throw it away, but that's not the point. the point was in the fighting over the scantily clad men.

that's right, search engines, i did say SCANTILY CLAD MEN. and sister if i catch you reading this via a search engine, i'm telling mom.


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