Sunday 5th October 2008

another onion headline from my own imaginary future:

mccain campaign releases ad linking tina fey to terrorists, mafia, illuminati, o.j. simpson

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Tuesday 26th August 2008

in which i briefly (and numerically) love george lucas:

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Tuesday 25th March 2008

i have completed my bingeing; i did it all in one firefox session; firefox is now using 435k; i did it for science

#316 panel 3 is my life

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Sunday 17th June 2007

every eager impulse

it starts late in the afternoon with google news linking to a story on slashdot. the slashdot article has an interesting discussion. one of the posters has a sig linking to xkcd, reminding me i haven't had my xkcd fix in a while. during my time there i check the blag, and engorge myself in one particularly stimulating exploration of ludicrously large numbers

at this point my memory becomes slightly fuzzy

and suddenly it's like a quarter to five the following morning and i'm in my underwear with my old college texts out and i'm scribbling notes about exponential towers and *omorphisms whilst humming 'woman in love.' the internet is a gateway to the darkness waiting deep inside.

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Sunday 13th August 2006

i get no reading; are you sure?

admiral, we have enemy ships, sector 47!

(2000's fads become 2001's establishments; c'est la net.)

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Wednesday 2nd August 2006

quite often, actually

sometimes i have bad dreams about scary things. of course nothing like this has happened and if it ever does it will give me an incredible feeling of importance.

n-e-g-l-e-c-t; find out what it means to me. i apologize most justifiedly for being absent for so relatively long. it is my plan to make it up to you. but as i've said before and will inevitably say again, a plan is just a list of things that will go wrong.

unintended victory of the day: quadrilaterals, circles, triangles. shapes on a plane. dig it; it's a homonym.

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Tuesday 9th May 2006

piper at the gates of joy

my uncle roger's band is today's featured article!


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