Thursday 18th December 2008

quote of the

reproduced without permission.

am i happy? is that what you're asking me?

in my life i have seen faces i do not recognise. i have learned to swim. i have questioned the authority of my parents. i have screamed. i can quote shakespeare and blake and my mate simon from the pub.

i have had a shower on a train. i have stared into the sun and i eat salad and i have been where i wasn't supposed to go. i have said 'i love you' and honestly meant it. i have spilled my dinner.

i have fallen over in front of people; i have worn inappropriate clothing. i have had to be pulled away from hitting on a friend's mum. i have mourned the loss of someone i knew and admired the courage of.

i use words i don't understand. i have seen snow and sand and lived on a boat and been beaten up by someone i didn't know. i have acted in films; and i have been someone's favourite person in the whole world. i know why the sky is blue and i once deliberately set fire to the carpet of the room i was in at the time.

i have been beaten, i have drawn, and i have won. i have been moved to tears by music and i never wanted to let her go. i have let people down and i have pulled through; i have pushed someone in anger and i am a good backgammon player.

some say i have everything going for me. i am twenty-two years old; i am defined by everything i have ever experienced.

so if that's what you're asking me i don't know. but i'm never going to be anyone else, and that's fine. don't worry if things are different to how they used to be. today i made someone smile. that's my ambition for tomorrow, too.

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Tuesday 30th August 2005

oh one more thing:

you'll notice that my old hatelife posts are here now.

before you read them (or even if you already have), please read this. it's important to me that you do.

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Monday 25th October 2004

like a whiny phoenix from the angsty ashes

hatelife is back. (more or less.)

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Thursday 1st July 2004


hello, this is mAtt, the author of things that have gone before. i'm writing from sometime in late 2005 after i've had a chance (fondly and painfully) to look over the span of my hatelife career.

i want you all to know that the person who wrote everything up to this point in time (the death of hatelife as we knew it) was, more or less, everything he hated: angsty, small-minded, short-sighted, self-important, bigoted, selfish, lazy, underhanded; i swore too much and drank too much and cared too little and was acutely and in every way immature. i'd like to think the person who wrote everything after this point grew up, and perhaps he did; i'd like to think it's an ongoing process, and perhaps it is.

but the point is: i'd thank you kindly not to judge me for who i was. nor for who i am now, for that matter.

give peace a chance?



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Tuesday 1st June 2004

i am tyler durden.

1. you do not talk about Wedding Club.
2. you do not talk about Wedding Club.
3. someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the wedding is over.
4. only two to a wedding.
5. one wedding at a time.
6. no shirt, no shoes.
7. weddings will go on as long as they have to.
8. if this is your first night at Wedding Club, you have to wed.

I showed these to fiancee; she said she'd let me know. I don't think she was impressed by #3, though, as it gives me something of an excuse (if need be). she did like #7.

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a glitch in the braintrix

OKAY you know the Matrix Agent Smith copying thing? (yes) OKAY what if one of the Smiths tried to copy himself? putting his own hand into his own chest? would it be one of those annoying things that makes the universe blow up? I had a killer dream about that. I wonder what it feels like (during and after) for the Smith. if I were Smith, that's all I'd do all day, man.

"it is inevitable!"
*copying … copying … copying … ding! done*
"ha ha! now there are ONE of me! this is MY world!"

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quarter-life crisis in 3 … 2 …

happy birthday to me. it seems like the same thing happened last year, around this time. this whole 'cyclical nature of time' thing could get old pretty quick if it's not careful.

I must be a big boy now? I don't wear those big boy diaper-pants so it's hard to tell.

SOUL thank you for sticking around for the last twenty-something years, you are useful in a pinch and I appreciate your diverse and manifold contributions to my existence.


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