Wednesday 15th February 2012

and that's how i became a man

it is obvious to the observer that my blog presence is on the fast track—slow track? i cannot decide which—to obsolete irrelevance. i offer as evidence the distance between this entry and the prior.

perhaps ironically, the largest contributing factor is an electronic enabler they call "iphone." it's easier now to examine the dark tapestry that is the internet. but since those tiny virtual keys are just so darned hard to press with the precision you know i love, adding new weaves is just that much more difficult.

desks are so 2009½.

other obviously minor factors include (but are not limited to): a certain wee fleshling, being a breadwinner/baconbringer, a thing that increasingly seems not meant to be, twitter, and updating my xfn with a couple of 'met' tags.

i've been told this: when you are telling a story and can sense that you're losing your audience's attention, you should cut your losses: stop talking exactly where you are, and finish by saying "…and then i found twenty dollars."

…and then i found twenty dollars

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[+] Comment by Walter

In broadcasting we use the idea of "take the first exit". When telling a story and you come to an exit, take it, even if you have more story you really want to tell. People don't care that long. …and then I found twenty dollars.

[+] Comment by CëRïSë

I actually snorted out loud at the story-telling bit… thinking about the whole classroom full I lost last night. Sigh.

[+] Comment by kuyler

Maybe my next story post should be about finding 20 dollars too. I have been eying pinterest as a new visual venue anyway. The thing is, look how many comments you've garnered. Maybe the world still needs misteranthropic.

[+] Comment by soylenth

I guess the only thing I want to say to this is, it's not about what the audience thinks, it's whether you want to express yourself, and how you want to do that. There is no minimum amount of expression necessary, but some people choose to do more, and we support that. Joking aside, it's okay if you don't know what you want to say and don't want to stress about that. The joy of a blog is, it's whatever you want it to be. And if you don't want it to be anything for a while, that's okay. It will still be here the next time you find 20 dollars and want to talk about it.


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