Friday 30th April 2010

internets, it is hard to get back in a habit once you are out of the habit.

i have this short story that's been bouncing around in my head on and off for the last .. six years? seven? a hell of a long time. it's mostly written but it will never be done getting written. it rambles and jumps and has no respect for traditional continuity which makes it easy to pick up for an afternoon then set it down for eighteen months, which on the whole guarantees its development will forever be furtive.

i've picked it up semi-permanently this month and done some major rewriting of whole sections, added new material, all kinds of stuff that's really boring for you to hear me talk about but is actually quite exciting for me. i'd like to continue writing but life as a stable, unimpressive adult has a way of causing the creative juices to evaporate at an alarming pace. hopefully talking about it with an update to this blog (which also has some abandonment issues) will help keep me focused on th

ooh! i just remembered! i need to finish the geth incursions assignment in mass effect. see ya, suckers.

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