Friday 6th March 2009


i'm working a lot these days, and don't have much to say that would be of interest to anyone other than me.

but i do have some things to say, and i'll be saying them to you this weekend, and i'll probably be writing them not from my own house because i'm a little scared of my wife right now and she's temporarily kicked me out of the house so she can work on some brainy paper thingy.

i understand very little of it but she promises me once she's done i can retire and we can move some place warm, and all she requires in the meantime is chocolate and beers! i call that a very good investment.

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[+] Comment by t.m.

I'm voting for a celebratory bbq after all is done.

[+] Comment by Hathor

If I provide chocolate, what kind of ROI do I get? Can I visit you in that warm place once you've retired? Although . . . in a couple of months, your house will be a very warm place. Are you sure you're going to be moving for retirement? It might just mean you have to move outdoors to mow the lawn.

[+] Comment by CëRïSë

I wish getting MY M.A. had meant moving someplace warm. Why am I in Minneapolis, again?

[+] Comment by nothing

I have to admit that chocolate and beer sound better than a summer filled with work, work, and more work on an MA program.

On a side note: when I finished my MA program I did not go to a warm place, but rather had to move out of my apartment before the land lords kicked me out. Hopefully you won't have to deal with the same scenario.

[+] Comment by Jenny Wren

"dear john"

people exist after deletion. they do. initially i had symptoms very similar to the realization of losing a wallet with everything in it - including your babies first curl tucked in between some photos. as always though, life beckons and in florida the sun is too bright to dismiss. one day i'll write a book,"the things we do for family and vetting". obviously, it will be published after my death - or with powerball winnings. clearly the cash should cover the consequences.

ink nor pixels will whisper words,
nothing needs to be read or heard.

paul was right; jenny wren will sing again…someday.

[+] Comment by mAtt

to see you here makes me profoundly happy. i still think of you every time i drive by that sign, the one that reminds me of your nom de plume as it exists/ed in that place where we had our prior life.

cheers. sing again.

[+] Comment by Jenny Wren

i miss my prior life. not the circumstances…just the words.

irony - the ability to live publicly requires a hermit's life.


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