Wednesday 4th February 2009

he promised me five sevens of uptime

apologies for the downtime yesterday and the previous evening. a month-ish ago i made a conscious choice to pay zero dollars for hosting; occasionally you will get what i paid for. … actually, technically, it was charter's fault for making bits of the internet go dark yesterday. blame an isp, you know, on general principle.

(it's all academic, dear reader. you weren't even aware of it. save us both some time and admit the fact.)

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[+] Comment by Hathor

All of us who cannot live without our daily dose of misteranthropy noticed (well, that or the fact that someone keeps me up all hours of the night and I check for new blog posts every few hours to keep survive the sleeplessness).

[+] Comment by nothing

You were down? When did this nonsense occur? I missed it.


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