Sunday 1st February 2009

circular bowl

1. the super bowl draws millions of television viewers worldwide each year
2. its production is lavish in the extreme, its commercials titillating and overpriced, and everything surrounding it is hyped ad nauseum

1 because 2; 2 because 1. thank a marketer near you.

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[+] Comment by Soylent H

I was at a superbowl party, but not so far deep down I get really irritated at people so gleefully gathering around the tube with the express purpose of being manipulated by corporations. yeah, I enjoy the commercials too, but they're about the lowest form of creativity you know? I just don't get it.

[+] Comment by mAtt

i've long been resigned to the fact i'm not the target demographic, for most anything. several of them were way funny to me, to be sure, but i do resonate nicely with what you're saying.

sometimes in my head i write my own commercials. if i ever saw one, i'd totally buy whatever it was pitching.


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