Monday 26th January 2009

things like these are why they invented the internet

oh so many joyous things sent my way:

firstly: obama with guns and lightsaber, from ted. this is the change i can believe in. also the change that can kill me silently in my sleep.

secondly: a perfect example of the male mind's filter, from walter.

thirdly: the one ring claims another victim.

also. i'm getting over a cold. at least i think that's what it was. i mean, if you feel sick in the morning, but fine for the rest of the day, that might mean you're pregnant, right? OMG LOL

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[+] Comment by Soylent H


(internet culture is teh suck. The more I interact with people online, the more I see the movie Idiocracy as high prophecy)

[+] Comment by walter

I've started reading Abstruse Goose a couple of weeks ago, it doesn't come with as much [awesome] sauce as XKCD, but I get a kick out of it…

And how come I can still see your hand?

[+] Comment by Louise

I never saw this post before! :)


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