Sunday 11th January 2009

the annual company christmas party

ahem. below is a mini-post i had saved back in my days, but had a crisis of conscience (and of employment) about publishing, so it never saw the light of day. it survived The Great Darkness Between The Blogs, and thusly i am able to present it to you now, in all its minimal majesty:

people attending: hundreds
alcohol units consumed: thousands
alcohol units consumed by me: 0.1
alcohol units needed to have enjoyed the band: n
alcohol units needed to kill an adult horse: n+1

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[+] Comment by Ted

Hells yes! And the crazy thing is that it was the second year in a row they'd performed. So that means enough people liked them the first year that they were invited for a second year. It boggles the brain.

[+] Comment by Hathor

I think the key here is that people were drunk enough the first year not to realize how awful the band was. And based on the number of alcohol units consumed, I believe there were plenty of people drunk enough to believe they enjoyed the band.

[+] Comment by CëRïSë

I don't think I've mentioned how glad I am that you're back to blogging. But I am, very. This is gold.

[+] Comment by mAtt

sweet. i charge a flat fee per word; look for your bill in the mail.


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