Sunday 4th January 2009

cold, and hot

fun fact: the waiting list for denver broncos season tickets is ridiculous, so my apologies to the wife but it looks like your birthday/x-mas presents for at least the next decade will continue not to jump the shark. unless we get in on a wild card berth! which doesn't actually exist, so there we are.

of course, this year's were not so bad, but not so good as to leave no room for improvement.

also! three cheers and a tally-ho for friends' free hot tub! ask him (or his personal financial assistant) how much this 'free' actually costs. go on, i dare you.

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[+] Comment by chelfea

once we get season tickets, we're moving to Denver. until then, though, i like my chocolate and Bourne.

[+] Comment by Jocko

I can't imagine why you would want Denver tickets when you have a far superior Bronco team much closer in Boise.

[+] Comment by mAtt

the denver ones are more expensive, so the games must be better. right?


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