Sunday 27th July 2008

rhetorical imperative:

ask me about the time i went on holiday and visited amsterdam and smoked things.

</red herring>

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Friday 18th July 2008

everything has changed can you feel it? it's a newness, i've forgotten every nightmare i've ever had i can't understand your worry lines. there's no need to take my temperature. this clarity with which i see i wish i could show you i wish you'd just believe

me. what has changed me? these are not problems these are blessings in disguise, impenetrable disguise. i have changed

everything, can see everywhere. these walls the distance between my mind and yours is unknowable and i see this, such clarity. i've looked everywhere looked for a way to feel this alive. i see black see the white lines of the grid spreading out to forever beyond distance itself to the ideal point but i see it, feel it feel so alive such

clarity, such distance i can see where we are but do not remember getting here, the destination not the journey, something has changed i have lost control have lost my bearing. point me in the right direction walk with me if you will, forget everything take my

hand see the newness, feel me show you nothing has changed.

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Saturday 5th July 2008

twelve gallons in an eleven gallon tank. miracle, or lazy department of measurement standards employee? perhaps we will never know.

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