Wednesday 26th March 2008

assets = liabilities. that which has brought us this far now works against us; the weight of these accumulated flaws (for each of which we have a workaround) will crush us in the end. we were early bloomers and it went to our collective genetic head.

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Tuesday 25th March 2008

i have completed my bingeing; i did it all in one firefox session; firefox is now using 435k; i did it for science

#316 panel 3 is my life

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Friday 14th March 2008

holy $adjective $deity: well implemented perl GETS ME WEEPY, BITCHES

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Sunday 9th March 2008

just the pain this time, once more with feeling, feeling just the pain feeling everything, feeling

bleak again, opaque, are you my shadow? am i in yours? if i am it's fine don't move, the light hurts me just

now, slow down you're going a mile a minute, i'm having trouble i'm having trouble focusing i'm having trouble i don't remember exactly how i

got here, this meadow is unfamiliar the wind is wrong here, here here you are, you are we are all aspects of the same, it's important you hear what i'm saying, the same entity do you understand? our names the line separating us is so small and so arbitrary, like us, degenerate so fragile i have so much to say and so little

time and world, turn me upside down shake me i'll forget it all. do you understand? i'm sorry if you do i'm sorry if i let you too far in. i need something for the pain. what are you putting into my cup, what have i swallowed, what am i on? i am on radio, i am on holiday, i am on fire, when my fever

breaks help me help me pick up the pieces.

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Wednesday 5th March 2008

bringCatHome.exe fails to compile. FURBALL where are you, it is cold out there and also on my lap.

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Saturday 1st March 2008

you can't tell me my vehicle isn't environmentally friendly; it gets ninety miles per gallon.

of uranium.

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