Thursday 19th April 2007

put on some music on

is it telling that i find my greatest pleasure when getting shiny things?

concurrently i find my greatest pain when later that night shiny things first work, then almost work, then utterly fail to work, and then so thoroughly bugger my windows installation that it requires a rollback to prior restoration point. if i could i'd go back in time and just tell myself not to take the thing out of disk mode for any reason whatsoever and save myself many bitter tears of frustration.

bottom line: there is beauty in its utter simplicity. on or off. louder or quieter. linearly or meanderingly.

i thought my wife's nano was small, but seriously. i've had dreams that weighed more than this, and still held less data.

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Thursday 5th April 2007

figures that shape our world

number of birds mercy-killed, month-to-date: 1

damn cats.

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