Thursday 29th March 2007

yes but in which direction

and in my best behavior i am really just like him
look beneath the floorboards for the secrets i have hid
-sufjan stevens, john wayne gacy, jr.

i've been thinking about this a lot, recently; do not mistake brevity for flippancy.

if M is mood, the magnitude of dM/dt here is so large as to be beyond mortal comprehension.

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Monday 19th March 2007

exploding bishops

to a regular chess game, add ninety-six additional squares and two additional players. mix with infuriating randomness. heat until simmering with rage; serve cold.

this double-variant of chess is perhaps the awesomest thing, ever. four players, and insane strategy-breaking cards. chess is to this … this beast as whack-a-mole is to global thermonuclear war.

oh, did i mention we built the board from legos? we are infinitely adaptable, you see.

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Tuesday 13th March 2007

an open letter to a particular girl in my office

PARTICULAR GIRL stop having your hand on your extreme lower back when you walk by my cubicle (six times a day you make it momentarily hard for me to concentrate), and stop always running into me and walking into the break room or the hall or the lobby when i was clearly there first, and stop doing that thing that turns my mouth all gluey. you make my working conditions intolerable.

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