Tuesday 5th September 2006

the greatest moments in music

what would i do if i had a million dollars? i'd meticulously organize my itunes library. i'd add album art. add genres. verify capitalization. strip comments. homogenize file naming conventions. create devastatingly precise smart playlists. i'd leave no song unalbum'd.

but, as they say, one doesn't need a million dollars to do that.

this little music fixation of mine is not wholly without benefit. i know more about my music than the average man knows about his very existence. for some ignorant reason you look at me as though that were a bad thing; look away immediately, but do listen:

nine inch nails - the hand that feeds, c. 2:07
trent got me to thinking about this topic. this moment is about pure buildup, then some more buildup, and finally a very satisfying delivery. like tasting the first bite of your favorite meal, the aromas of which have been wafting out of the kitchen for half an hour.

beck - ghettochip malfunction; c. 2:19
ibidem. we have a winner, and the winner is the speak-and-spell.

john frusciante - carvel; 0:00-1:56
ibidem. johnny! johnny, come back! don't fade out yet! oh thank you, thank you! you big tease, you are the buildup king.

bic runga - gravity; c. 0:28
delayed subtle bass intros are winning. regarding this song, my college newspaper music critic agreed with me, in very specific ways.

led zeppelin - stairway to heaven; 5:33-6:44
in a word, incendiary. i missed, and miss, the seventies.

björk - joga; 0:00-0:31, 1:11-1:18, and 1:59-2:31
count them: three. … though more correctly, i just can't decide which is best. so just consider the whole song to be a best very long moment.

fire set fire - the takeover; 0:00-0:18
i have a fever, and the only prescription is more loud dirty bass. fire set fire, you are the best medicine.

gorillaz - all alone; 1:57-2:56
this is a highly subjective moment, dripping with total emotional resonance. in this moment i am naked and manly in a national forest with you, and the monolith has touched our minds, and we throw bones into the air and they turn into spaceships two million years in the future. in seven seconds i am the star-child.

elliott smith - color bars; 1:25-1:49
another moment of total emotional resonance. in this moment i am in a 1978 chevrolet nova—purring the way a tiger purrs—with you, doing eighty, backs to everything, directly into the rising desert sun.

radiohead - like spinning plates; 3:22-fin
this song ends amazingly well which requires i turn the end way up, part i.

missy higgins - they weren't there; 3:43-fin
part ii.

meat loaf - objects in the rear view mirror; 9:39-fin
part iii.

elliott smith - can't make a sound; 2:20-fin
part iv. fade to bliss.

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[+] Comment by gradschoolnothing

Sweet heavens, man. Sweet heavens. We need to find you a new hobby. Perhaps goat grooming or chick sexing. Anything else, actually, would be better.

[+] Comment by mAtt

yeah, like making babies is getting you anywhere.

[+] Comment by swinte

My personal favorite from "With Teeth" is in "Right Where It Belongs" at about 3:15ish seconds in where Trent steps out of the studio and starts singing to the crowd. I get tingly.

[+] Comment by aaron

i too suffer from a music fixation. i like to call it obsessive music collection, or OMC. OMC was also the singer of the supremely annoying 90's hit "how bizarre." but i digress…this obsessive side does not sit well with jen. actually, to be fair, it's not the obsessiveness so much as how opinionated i am. she still claims i was downright mean to her about a cd or two before we were dating. to be fair, though, she did own some nickleback…

[+] Comment by mAtt

whether bad taste runs in the family is an open question.

[+] Comment by aaron

tlc? nice work. i think i still know all the words to waterfalls. it's good to see both you and jen have moved on. i just realized i typed the phrase "to be fair" twice last time, thus entitling you to think i'm a complete prick. please reconsider.

[+] Comment by mAtt

i'll reconsider. but just to be, you know, fair.


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