Friday 15th September 2006

left hand, meet right hand

exactly one fortnight after they finally realize just what in the hell you actually need and deliver the speaker cord connectors (which is about a week after where i left off) you will receive the following email from the (finite number of) monkeys:

'I am sorry that we sent you cables instead of connectors. We will send the connectors ASAP. If you have any further questions or need help with anything, please feel free to contact us again.'

as the connectors have already been in-hand for the last two weeks, this latest will puzzle you. you will turn down the power of your fully armed and operational surround sound station as you momentarily ponder the situation. did this email, like so many of its predecessors, get lost in the jungles of the inter-thing? did it take a wrong turn at was it perhaps sent by the janitors, misbehaving after hours? at any rate you will ignore it and resume your total blissful immersion in sound.

ten days later, you will receive a second set of speaker cord connectors.

after it all, you will have gained two sets of speaker cords, two sets of connectors, and a permanent augmentation to your already overwhelmingly cynical attitude toward modern customer service. oh, and a brand new wrinkle on the skin above your levatorlabii superioris.

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