Saturday 21st October 2006

corpus schmorpus

r.i.p. habeus corpus, 1305-2006

but don't cry, because you didn't really need it. it was only a goddamned piece of paper! that ridiculous bit of nonsense was just tying the hands of the judicial process and playing into the hands of the terrorists, the only ones it was protecting. endangering you, protecting them, don't you see?

…normally it's all fun and games until someone yells 'gestapo', but ask yourself: what happens when you become the next "them"?

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Monday 16th October 2006

the next item on my future list of things i never did

okay, hold me to this one:

my plan is to find a suitable hypno-meditation track, slice it up into very small bits, then rearrange the bits into ridiculous hilarity.

i've already downloaded a couple to get me started:

deepak chopra - stop procrastinating and start speed reading all of deepak chopra's books.mp3

reiki - sounds of nature - kittens falling on cedars.mp3

alan greenspan - the_resolution_of_our_current_account_deficit_and_household_debt_

the internet is our collective muse.

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Sunday 8th October 2006

this is why we can't have nice things

i've always thought of myself as a compassionate guy; the correct word, however, is sucker.

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Saturday 7th October 2006

i have bad news and i have good news

the bad news is that germany invaded poland and plunged the world into war.

the good news is that it happened in 1939, and it's all over by now.

the rest of the good news is that the internet is awesome.

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