Sunday 18th June 2006

i like the one where you are missing a tooth

like half your mouth got taken out.

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Friday 16th June 2006

problem is

when i was young and stupid and an undergraduate, i had nothing of importance to say and all the time in the world to say it.

now i have words of substance because i'm busy and therefore have no time to say them. i might have to do something soon: reprioritize. find out what it means to me.

i'll close with that. barbecue at 1300 saturday at the new place; if you're reading this, you're invited.

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Saturday 10th June 2006

from an unsecured network

..i bring you the first ever inter-net post from my very own house.

i am a homeowner. well, technically, for the time being, the bank is a homeowner, but they kindly allow us to live here.


to summarize our other top stories:

i am a hardened catnapper;
the bear-sharks were enraged;
the radioactive lava acid burned;
beck music videos are winning;
i need a couch.

cheers, renters.

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