Tuesday 28th February 2006

an encouraging thought

when i'm two hundred twenty years old, i'll have finally hit my target heart rate; i'll keep it up for an entire year. hell of a workout.

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Tuesday 21st February 2006


occasionally i'll look sequentially at carefully patterned ink on piles of paper held together with glue at one common edge. occasionally i'll shine a laser onto spinning plastic and metal disks and turn the reflection into sound and hear it.

whenever i do either i create some sort of meaning from the sensory input.

occasionally i'll do both simultaneously and the meaning gets all tangled in my head so that later when i encounter the patterns of one i'll inevitably recall the other without regard for its relevance at that particular time.

i have brilliant examples, roughly sorted by date read:

jurassic park: jon secada
2001 series: lost world soundtrack
the rama series: u2
the stand: nirvana
1984: the cranberries
atonement: fischerspooner
the dark tower series: in various places, out of africa soundtrack, future sound of london, beck, bad company, moby

and the input is not necessarily linked to books and music. it could as easily be location and music, and often is, viz.:

my honeymoon: muse
the dormitory in which i spent my fourth year of college: audioslave
the shitty basement apartment where i spent the first third of my fifth: the flaming lips
the road: always beck, always to the dismay of my wife

since i have you here, i feel the need to direct your attention to the most powerful weapon in my geek arsenal. oh how i love to analyze data, and, in the process, to be analyzed.

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Friday 17th February 2006


i never really had a problem because of leaving
but everything reminds me of him this evening

so if i seem a little out of it, sorry
but why should i lie?
everything reminds me of her

the spin of the earth impaled a silhouette of the sun on the steeple
and i got to hear the same sermon all the time now from you people
why are you staring into outer space, crying?
just because you came across it, and lost it

everything reminds me of her
everything reminds me of her
everything reminds me of her

elliott smith - everything reminds me of her, my song of the day.

and again, for possibly the thousandth time:
yokwe, big nate. amo te.

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Saturday 4th February 2006

i am a twelve-year-old boy

and this is why.

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omnipotent for a day

can God make a rock so big, that even he can't lift it? … what if that's the wrong question? i wonder if the right question is, can God create a puzzle so difficult, a riddle so complex, that even he can't solve it? what if that's us? maybe a problem like this is God's way of doing to us a little of what we do to him.

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