Thursday 1st December 2005

ten (or so) things

fun memes are fun.

ten things i once quite liked but don't much care for now:
1. television
2. hotmail
3. proper capitalization
4. *mart
5. dinosaurs
6. e-cards
7. cell phones/ringtones
8. grade school, then high school, then college
9. winter (yes, even christmas)
10. horrible music

ten things i once didn't like but quite like now:
1. politics
2. tea; certain species of coffee
3. dissenting opinions
4. apple
5. npr
6. eminem
7. girls
8. pens
9. heroclix
10. the star wars prequels

ten things i've never quite liked and likely never will:
1. licorice
2. the sound of metal hangars on metal racks
3. commercials
4. extremism
5. waste
6. onions
7. country music
8. champagne
9. michael jackson
10. insomnia

ten things i've always quite liked and likely always will:
1. histories of war (esp. second world war tactics and the third reich)
2. being left alone
3. backrubs
4. organizing
5. reading and writing
6. a good sweatshirt
7. foolish excessive computer gadgetry
8. strategery games
9. sweets
10. staying up, sleeping in (often caused by one of the above)

tag; you're it.

anyway. i hope that in posting this, it'll get me back into the habit. how many entries were there last month? ouch. i've let you down.

and rabbit rabbit.

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[+] Comment by turqois

things i never want to wear:
1. holiday earrings
2. sweatshirts with holiday images (cotton ball snowmen, etc.)
3. pink
4. tapered pants
5. grannie underwear, no matter how comfortable
6. toothpaste for dinner t-shirts
7. one-piece swimsuits
8. a gas mask
9. animal fur
10. name tag to work

[+] Comment by oxyjen

disliking licorice…black? red? do you hate the flavor itself, or the chewy texture that is Twizzler goodness?

i remember you saying you were interested in trying absinthe. you probably already know, but it has the flavor of black licorce. Like none other.

i love anise, and the potency of it makes me wince.

[+] Comment by mAtt

red is rad, black is bleck.

beck's 'farewell ride' is playing. i remember you saying you would want to die listening to that song. you know, in a good way.


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