Sunday 30th October 2005

bad albums: a retrospective

there's no easy way to jump into this one. this is why, most nights, i cry myself to sleep.

bad album #1: mariah carey
1. mariah carey - music box.
not so much bad as creepy, and exacerbated by the accompanying music videos.

bad album #2: korn
2. korn - (self-titled).
at some point in their lives, each adolescent male will begin to despise life. these guys made it big by composing the soundtrack. almost as creepy as #1.

bad album #3: ace of base
3. ace of base - the sign.
said to be a favorite of osama bin laden.

bad album #4: ace of base
4. ace of base - the bridge.
if my satanic baby-eating neighbors were to make an album, it would sound like this, only less evil. in all truth i only own this one because i thought i was returning the one above.

bad album #5: tlc
5. tlc - crazy sexy cool.
when word got out that i owned this one, i got beat up. by my mom.

bad album #6: arrested development
6. arrested development - 3 years 5 months & 2 days in the life of…
apparently in a past life i was a black man from the south who had to deal with racist oppression and homelessness, and i bought an urban r&b rap album to figure out what that might mean. not recommended for children under the age of 200.

redemption! homestar runner.
7. - strong bad coaster.
there is more musical worth in this unplayable piece of hard cardboard than in everything above. and so i find redemption.

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[+] Comment by nmrboy

i am currently erasing all evidence of my ever having spoken to you. and hiding all of my own bad albums, of which i am happy to say there are few. or maybe i think that because i haven't included s club 7 in the 'bad' category.

and to think that less than two hours ago i mentioned you in an email in the context of having good musical taste (wrt modest mouse). its shocking ; you think you know someone..

[+] Comment by Dan

Ace of Base's 'Don't Turn Around' is the theme song for many racquetball games.

[+] Comment by aragorn23

When I was a wee lad, I listened to "Don't Turn Around" probably about 234,345,000 times before the tape wore out. I am ashamed of this, but I feel somehow compelled to share this with everyone here.

In other news…Matt needs to make a link to my neeto blog on his site.

[+] Comment by louise

forget the music, MATT PICTURES!!!!! you have the most gorgeous eyes…

[+] Comment by mAtt

hey, careful! chelsey is a very frequent reader here.

[+] Comment by turqois

a) i'd be offended except i happen to concur; mmm, matt photos.

b) i prefer the live show (insert appropriate innuendo, &c).

c) and besides: australia is so far away to hunt someone down; especially if i have to fly coach.


[+] Comment by dontbeashamed

crazysexycool is a great achievement of music. AD was the first album i bought. EVERYBODY likes that mariah carey. nothing wrong with korn. the sign is a solid album of solid songs which DO stand the test of time if you can get over the stigma

other than the second ace of base, these are all really good albums. don't be ashamed to like good things just because other people make fun of you for it.


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