Tuesday 2nd August 2005

sunday bloody sunday

what is the worst day of the week? survey says sunday.

check that link out. it's a really interesting and concise read into why sundays are so consistently awful. it made me consciously think about it for the first time. i particularly liked the bit about why so-and-so likes thursday best: 'because then he can still anticipate the weekend before the clock has started running on it.' for me, the best part about this weekend's manly camping trip will be the car ride up: music, friends, the surety of freedom and charred food and cameraderie.

perhaps this is why i start so many projects but finish so few of them. after all, who wants to go on with something after it loses its luster and gets difficult? i hope this doesn't mean i'm becoming an idealist in my old age.

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[+] Comment by Ghengis

I'm with the guy in the last paragraph. Someone was thinking when they invented Sunday night football (as long as Cleveland isn't playing) and left you to dream about Monday night football and nothing else matters. Also Family Guy and American Dad are good temporary substitutes.

Maybe it is bad that the only thing I have to look forward to is television on Sunday. I think Sunday is the only time I use the thing.

[+] Comment by m

i like that article a lot. i remember being a kid and sundays being the day that i always got in to trouble, probably due to a combination of parents work and school the next day (i couldnt just have been naughtier than usual).
whilst im still studying it doesnt apply so much, but ive felt it even just from the part time jobs throughout the years ive been at uni. i do find it helps to be super prepared for the next day like the gym lady in the article.

yuk. i hate that sunday night feeling.

[+] Comment by louise

sunday is one of my favourite days. always tinged with that desperate need to enjoy my weekend to the full, but usually a wonderful day to relax in.

also, slightly ashamed that i have been so out of touch that i didn't know insoluble was up until so recently.


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