Sunday 10th July 2005

perchance to

so i didn't pass. for weeks it's what i have been mentally preparing myself for, so when the news hit it wasn't all that bad. the downside to the whole thing is that i have to study it all over again. in the words of david beckham: 'balls.' i have nothing if not my sense of ____ (t.b.d.)

postsecret is sad, happy, funny and unfunny. if i were king, the internet would consist of nothing else.

the beauty of the library is that, after the $25 after-rebate fee for not technically living in the correct town, we get to listen to all the dandy warhols they have for cheap-as-free. which, of course, i did. and in the process i learned that the song i had previously thought to be titled 'the dope' (incidentally fourth on my highest-played list) is in fact titled 'wonderful you.' rocky is the path to truth is.

and the dvds! oh sweet retinal pleasures. this weekend was an edu-taining mix of the diary of anne frank, the graduate, and the highly disturbing apocalypse now. all of which i can shamelessly recommend but perhaps not all at once. or perhaps.

and i'm off. if anyone finds a way out, let me know.

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[+] Comment by lelia

too bad about the not passing :( how frustrating. is this supposed to be a hard thing to pass?

i'm glad you pointed me towards postsecret. i don't think i have enough time to give it the attention it deserves. i got so lost there i never came back here to reply yesterday.

'the graduate' and 'apocalypse now' are both on my "things to re-watch" list. i reccomend finding a cinema that shows old films and keeping an eye out for the director's cut of 'apocalypse now' - absolutely stunning stuff in a cinema. that and lawrence of arabia are my two favourites i always check for at our boutique cinema.

[+] Comment by oxyjen

great. now that i know you've submitted something to postsecret, i will reflexively guess at which one might be yours.

(can you not poop in foreign countries?)

this is killing me. i will plumb the depths of your soul, i will, i will!

[+] Comment by antimatt

lelia. yup, it's hard to pass. there are nine tests in the full sequence, though not everyone takes them all, and this one has the lowest passing rate on the first attempt. it wasn't unexpected.

oh jen. in order to further flummox you, i'll publicly note that i never said i had been published, only that i've written.



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