Monday 11th July 2005


so. i fixed a malfunction in the toilet's innards just now, and then i happened to get on the computer before heading to bed and realized i might write about the intellectual and mechanical and plumbing prowess i have proved (to myself) that i have, but there's a problem with writing a post about fixing a toilet: i'd ipso facto have to write a post about fixing a toilet, and no one wants to read about that. i have resolved this potentially silly situation by writing a post about writing a post about fixing a toilet. the fact you have read this far vindicates me.

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[+] Comment by Ghengis

Nice. You get 2 star-punches in of your Man Card taking you two steps closer to turning it in for a free icecream.

[+] Comment by Lisa

It's good to know you're still alive. Well, alive as someone that only exists on the Internet can be, I guess.

P.S. My link changed…still the shortbus, just at a different place:)


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