Wednesday 6th July 2005

hey baby come back

honestly, I wasn't blowing you off. I just … kind of … well, never got around to it.

life has been full lately. goings-on include anniversaries, fireworks, job searches, dark towers, high-stake bluffs, hits and near-hits. all of which, one would think, would provide me with a plethora of material from which to draw. one would think.

the kids outside are enjoying summer very loudly. there is a single muscle fiber in my arm that won't stop twitching. I stay awake too late and wish too much to sleep in. all is to say that nothing has changed.

more around the bend.

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[+] Comment by Jen

all this waiting for a less than informative post? Matt - you've let me down in a little.

[+] Comment by antimatt

SISTER go to my ass.

(not really but now you're shocked)


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