Thursday 7th April 2005

the units of happiness

I was so busy yesterday that it should count for two days.

ONE ha ha
TWO ha ha

the reason I was so busy gets approximately 50 magical miles per gallon and came with about four hours of paperwork. but it is ours and it valiantly protects both the environment and our checkbook from the evil oil companies. what a hero I am.

cheers, tree-huggers. and all the rest.

(this week, saturday arrived on a monday. how disorienting.)

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[+] Comment by hbot3000

Oh you bastard, you did not just buy that. You always have to beat me to it. (walks away grumbling).

(walks back mumbling).

You KNOW you're going to let me drive it when I visit you. Or at least drool on it a little.


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