Tuesday 22nd February 2005

visibleman needs your help

she and I are going to get our own domain soon. I need your help in picking a name. (hmm. other members of our family are busy naming children instead; lucky us.)

if you think of something that fits, go to whois.net and see if it's available (I'm partial to one-word domains followed by dot-net). I'm extremely open to suggestions, as all my first choices are taken. anyway. drop me a line.

hopefully she and I won't kill each other over something so inane.

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[+] Comment by lelia

i am thinking! (thinking is not my strong point, though)

[+] Comment by Jen

Good news!
sisterisababe.net is available!
you should claim it! go go go! before it's taken! i mean it! right now! enough with the exclamations, already.
anyway go. go. go. get it. drop it like its hot. just kidding. i'm strange.
but eveyrthing else i typed is taken. i'm sorry. this is your one option.

[+] Comment by HJR

Because I am of a simple mind, and assuming your new domain will take the contrarian approach that your blog does, I vote for "NotWat.net" which is fun to say. It is of course short for "NotWaters.net". I have one with a terrible pun involved, but I am too embarrassed to write it here. I will perhaps email it to you.

[+] Comment by Ghengis

No one has taken mathmatt.net. It's really only a good name for you though.

I really like notwat. It's catchy.

[+] Comment by topavia


although i like my own idea…i am also a bigger fan of notwat.net.

exactsame.net is just wrong on so many levels, i think this is why i like it….

[+] Comment by nmrboy
[+] Comment by Jen

Matt -
although I'm a "big fan" of everything "worthy" everyone else has posted… what the hell is wrong with sisterisababe.net?
good god people - notwat? where is the creativity in that?
i only hope you're smarter than them.

[+] Comment by antimatt

everyone, meet my sister.

(Hauss, don't take her personally)

[+] Comment by nmrboy

please forgive the ultra-cynical, but before supporting sisterisababe.net i'd like some supporting evidence.

i thank you.


[+] Comment by Jen

okay, fine. just fine.
i admit, my idea was a bad one.
Hauss - yours is quite terrific, really. well played.
the end.


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