Tuesday 22nd February 2005

my 72-hour nerd binge

on a lighter note. here are some juicy tidbits that might not be tasty to anyone, but they certainly are to me.

0. I literally wasted my sunday trying to get a) the internet, b) my cable modem, and c) my router to speak the same language. I did everything I knew how to do, and then I did everything I didn't know how to do, and nothing worked for eight hours. in the end I have no idea what I did but now it works, both flawlessly and inexplicably. I hate and love that.

1. you can now play my music! well, you won't be able to hear it, but I'll be able to, and you get to control it through the magic of the webternet.

this will only occasionally work: in your browser of choice type 68 (dot) 185 (dot) 59 (dot) 147 (colon) 1984. if nothing happens it's because I don't have winamp running, which means I'm in bed (which is a rare (and at very least a horribly unpredictable) thing). unadulterated webternet magic by wwwinamp.

2a. WASTE_PUBLIC_KEY 20 2048 antimatt

2b. refer to above spamproof ip address. the one with all the dots.

3. FreeMind is quite probably the neatest piece of software I have ever seen. it is potentially infinite; my fingertips tingle with delight/nerve damage. I hope soon to be able to let you in on some of the things I've done so far. oh what a juicy tidbit. best for last. (java required.)

cheers, luddites.

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[+] Comment by lelia

Nothing happened :(

(or rather,'the operation timed out' happened)

You are in bed at 2.49pm?

[+] Comment by oxy/jen

I refuse to do this.

Does this make me a nonconformist, or just a cranky misanthrope [semi-redundancy intended]?

(p.s. this is a rhetorical question, please do not answer, i really do not want to know, my ego is very fragile, thanks)

[+] Comment by topavia

i timed out too. great, now, i'll fidget.

[+] Comment by antimatt

okay, I should have qualified that further. if it doesn't work it means winamp isn't running which means I'm in bed OR I'm at work and the computer is off.


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