Sunday 18th December 2005


so there's this person.

this person has a name that i occasionally see written down, a fantastically beautiful name. it's nothing i've ever heard before and it just flows in my mind. wind through tall grass, that sort of thing. i hope you can understand i can't actually write the name down here; instead, think of rainbows and butterflies and flowers, and put that all into letters until the letter combination sounds like a warm summer sunday morning.

it may not seem like it on the surface, but i'm a very passionate person.* so the logical thing to do was to develop an immediate and intense name crush on this girl.

and then when her name comes up again a few weeks later it turns out that she isn't a she.

rationally i know nothing would ever have come of it (and i wouldn't have wanted anything, to be sure; i'm happily married and you cannot have me, miss mr beautiful name), but psychologically it was very disappointing. odd, some things.

all i want for christmas is 184 front teeth. please help. no one should have to choose between memory and food.

*not really, but it makes the transition easier.

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Wednesday 14th December 2005

okay i'll admit that i really don't understand

here's what i've been up to.

only now, for the first time ever, am i listening to a cd i got months ago. months! okay, here's why. the album is actually four cds meant to be played simultaneously. the logistics of this are challenging at best, but the result is worth it. except for the weird screaming in track 2. and the dogs at the end. get three friends with speakers and party down.

playing battle for middle-earth makes my head spin. sure it's a big advertisement for the movie trilogy, but it's a dang fun one. and dang pretty. you can't go wrong with mumakil and grond and ents. dang dang.

and i just finished the farseer series by robin hobb. i got an unwanted spoiler when i started, and then it turned out to be completely false. i kept waiting for a certain person to die and then the person kept not dying, and not dying, and in the end, finally didn't die. it was all very confusing.

our prospects involving countries east of the atlantic improve daily. hopefully this won't turn out like the failed las vegas bid last spring. hopefully medical conditions remain as they are. unlike last spring. though we might have saved ourselves the hassle of a national security letter, so maybe it all works out in the end. the bright sides just keep getting darker these days.

there's some bad news. jesus was trampled at wal-mart by middle america stampeding toward the 'half-price tripe made in china holiday sale' table.

dear jesus,

i'm sorry we always forget to invite you to your birthday party every year.


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Friday 2nd December 2005

you just absolutely have no clue whatsoever

it's seriously just this big. i've swallowed pills bigger than this thing. you turn it sideways and it completely disappears.


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Thursday 1st December 2005

ten (or so) things

fun memes are fun.

ten things i once quite liked but don't much care for now:
1. television
2. hotmail
3. proper capitalization
4. *mart
5. dinosaurs
6. e-cards
7. cell phones/ringtones
8. grade school, then high school, then college
9. winter (yes, even christmas)
10. horrible music

ten things i once didn't like but quite like now:
1. politics
2. tea; certain species of coffee
3. dissenting opinions
4. apple
5. npr
6. eminem
7. girls
8. pens
9. heroclix
10. the star wars prequels

ten things i've never quite liked and likely never will:
1. licorice
2. the sound of metal hangars on metal racks
3. commercials
4. extremism
5. waste
6. onions
7. country music
8. champagne
9. michael jackson
10. insomnia

ten things i've always quite liked and likely always will:
1. histories of war (esp. second world war tactics and the third reich)
2. being left alone
3. backrubs
4. organizing
5. reading and writing
6. a good sweatshirt
7. foolish excessive computer gadgetry
8. strategery games
9. sweets
10. staying up, sleeping in (often caused by one of the above)

tag; you're it.

anyway. i hope that in posting this, it'll get me back into the habit. how many entries were there last month? ouch. i've let you down.

and rabbit rabbit.

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