Tuesday 30th August 2005

oh one more thing:

you'll notice that my old hatelife posts are here now.

before you read them (or even if you already have), please read this. it's important to me that you do.

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all parties involved were glowing and oozing happiness. except the bibleboy, whose dance moves on the platform suggested that he was about to simply ooze.

and oh wowee zowie the food. if anyone responsible is reading this, you have my highest praise.

food, flowers, music, lights, tables, dresses and suits, even the coffee: all winners. the bride will tell you that we stole her song. i will tell you that we got married fourteen months ago.

the bottom line is that it was a terrific wedding of terrific people. if i ever get married again, i would want to have a wedding like this one.

(OUCH WIFE why are you hitting me, that joke was all in good fun)

on to the /meta agenda (and also on the back burner of my mind) is a hatelife wiki, which anyone would be able to add to and edit. any thoughts? would any old/new hatelife users be interested? if the answer is generally no, please please tell me before i throw another log on the fire.

how am i to concentrate on work with them talking about generators and electronics and solar panels and port 80 and other nerdy stuff all day long? these conditions are untenable.

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Monday 29th August 2005

how do you like them apples?


code originally written and graciously donated by scott of hatelife fame, co-founder of the internet, savior of kittens worldwide, humanitarian, nobel peace prize winner, and supreme code poet.

if you're reading this in internet explorer, there's something you should know: don't. explorer is buggy, bloated, and insecure; its security flaws perpetuate malicious code, such as worms; its huge footprint consumes resources like your hummer consumes gas; it refuses to conform to internet standards; and it is why you have to fix your grandma's computer every time you go to her house. additionally, you'll be able to read the above hidden text. listen: you have every reason to switch to another browser (such as firefox) and no reason not to. please, do the internet, your processor, and your sanity a favor. switch.


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Sunday 28th August 2005


woot; wedding over. more later.

my problem with the intelligent design argument is this: those who believe in it see everything (everything) as evidence for it; therefore, to the proponents of intelligent design, the theory cannot be disputed. once you take something on faith and use your faith as evidence of its truth, everything can become true. this is not science.

my related soapbox is using beliefs (popular beliefs to be sure, but nonetheless merely beliefs) of one religion on which to impose legislation for everyone. sadly, it's members of my religion who are doing the imposing. certain outspoken religious conservatives are forgetting that freedom of religion means, to some people, freedom from religion.

as for me, i take the flying spaghetti monster cosmology on faith. AND THEREFORE TRUTH IT BECOMES!

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Saturday 27th August 2005

he who has the most toys

last night (and far into this morning) i bit the bullet, backed up some data and formatted some disks, rearranged some cables, crossed my fingers and succeeded in striping two disks in a raid 0 [tangent]. oh this makes me happy. it's nothing really complicated (i was surprised at how easy windows made it for me), but it's fun, it turned two medium-speed medium-sized disks into a screaming huge virtual disk, and now perhaps i'll be able to squeeze one or two more fps out of my favorite vice. the worst part of the whole thing was restoring the backup files (using ntbackup) and, for one horrifying moment, thinking that the archives had been screwed up because i kept getting really strange 'file not found, cannot continue with file restoration' errors. as usual, i have no idea what i did in the end, but all my files did eventually get put back where they should be. no harm, no foul?

i've also been playing around with some wordpress plugins, one of which you can find at the bottom of the sidebar. it displays a random quote from the library i'm slowly building. it's simple, well-done, and pretty. if you're into that sort of thing, check it out here.

tonight a friend of mine is having a bachelor party. it will be awesome. an awesome time will be had by all. i am, of course, bringing the camera. weddings are nice and everything, but bachelor parties are forever.

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Wednesday 24th August 2005

this realm, this … salmon

the river trip we just completed was tremendous and i wish i had written something about it earlier (rather than become enamored with a fresh style.css file to play with), because now the details are slipping into a general sense of what the trip encompassed, and general senses are rather difficult to write about when one has a brain like mine. but i'll do my best, as always.

waterfalls and hot springs, and sometimes both. the plop of elderberries on slow, deep water. a tent, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a wife. sunscreen and bug spray and deodorant and biodegradable soap. a perfectly cast line, and the fish!—inches and inches and inches of cutthroat trout, all tauntingly catch and release. tinder, kindling, down-and-dead wood. fire island (no relation). the unabashed horror of the scat can. the love/hate relationship with the inflatable kayak. the shock of cold water on sun-warmed skin. sore muscles. bruised hands. torn feet. pancakes and eggs and horrible little fake-meat turds almost every morning; contrast with well-smoked salmon followed by an abundance of spaghetti. river otters on the opposite bank, for which cutthroat trout are not catch and release. running to catch up with the boat. a long-overdue tan. a long, long night drive in another man's diesel truck pulling another man's trailer whose lights refused to light, attracting the attention of a nice gentleman in a dark blue suit and a black and white car who told us what a good idea it would be for us to drive two hundred-odd miles with the four-way flashers on—the same ones that would begin to make strange scraping noises very late at night. arriving home and the subsequent race for the shower. a long, sad unpacking.

and that was my exciting vacation. holiday. thingy.

my parents just returned from their own vacation holiday thingy to the uk. they mock us with their postcards. 'oh hello, landlocked americans. today we got lost in camden town market, had fish and chips in a pub, and had high tea with h.m. the queen herself! also we got take-away, took the tube, and went to the loo. tomorrow we're going to formally separate from the roman catholic church. cheerio, fatties!'

damned tourists.

i'm only beginning to understand the bbc radio version of douglas adams' hitchhiker series. it's so superlatively different from the book after about the sixth episode that following it becomes a chore (albeit a very enjoyable one, due in part to the fact i am strangely attracted to lintilla's voice) for my book-familiar memory. and why have i not yet seen the movie? the answer to that is unknowable.

dear anyone: we must play risk.

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Tuesday 23rd August 2005


let the registering commence. support was fast-as-now in their response, and the problem was stupid-as-dumb in its simplicity.

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