Tuesday 26th April 2005

forty-something years till retirement

after it sits latent twenty-seven minutes in my fake plastic bottle, after the average size of a condensation drop without shrinks to precisely the size of a growing air bubble within, the drinking fountain water arrives at the ideal temperature for gulping: refreshingly cold but not bitingly so. by stealth, the condensation creeps into a ring on my desk invisible until oblivious I splap important papers in it; I sputter curses and fling paper, ink, water to the ground and swear I've lived this moment already.

yesterday my task was to track down fifteen hundred dollars; I did so in ten minutes that defined efficiency. today a very clever ten dollars evaded me for well nigh three hours, and I'm not yet convinced of the accuracy of my solution (which is bad no matter what your day has been like).


my snail-mailbox is abuzz with activity, in and out, to the benefit of all. … er, some.

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Thursday 21st April 2005

a.d.d. flare-up

because there's not much else to talk about, here's a look at what I've been obsessively alt-tabbing between. I am not a link farm.

1. an interesting (that's (5, interesting)) look, on the order of doctoral dissertation, at slashdot's effects on the interweb (warning! pdf-infested link).

2. the beautiful use of light, color, and composition.

3. an office clone that's open-source and better than office. did I mention it's open? information wants to be free anthropomorphized.

4. a slightly autistic personality who has some intriguing insights but difficulty carrying on a conversation with a mirror. thereabouts.

5. dandy.

the wife gave blood this afternoon, then slept all evening. lucky. gosh.

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Monday 18th April 2005

logical fallacies and late come-backs

I got a haircut. she said I need to use some expensive goop to style my hair to make it look messy. so I said she needs to wear expensive clothes to make her look naked.

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Saturday 16th April 2005

to revisit the past and other diversions

I'd like to do that thing I did a while back. that thing where I told you to ask me to post pictures of certain things, and then I did it. that thing.

it was a thing I really enjoyed. so, selfishly, let's do it again, shall we?

now then.

I might be going to a superhero party tomorrow; the difficult part of the whole thing is, obviously, I am not actually a superhero. so I'll have to make something up. it can be anything, and once again I must appeal to my fellow inter-netters for help in identifying any possible latent powers. can I be Captain Obvious, who says things like 'you are wearing a shirt' and 'my glass is made of glass' and 'oh dear I just walked in on you in the toilet'? or can I make super-use of another of my traits and qualities? I could be the supervillain Calculatinator, who can predict to within eight significant digits the weaknesses of his enemies. dressing up for that one would be hard, though. good heavens this could be fun.

I'm not really putting the onus on you though. you don't know me as well as I do. or maybe so.

[much self-censoring]

I have this theory that a person becomes the last thought a person thinks before s/he dies. and when each possible thought is someone's final thought, the universe will attain sentience, and then we're done for. but I don't fret because there are several degrees of infinities of possible thoughts, and no significant portion of them have been final thoughts yet.


I have another theory that I have moles on my back (not a theory) and I theorize that they are the manifestation of a code latent in my dna and in order to decrypt it, I of course require huge amounts of bids on my iPod.

my wife has been watching huge amounts of alias and perhaps this has something to do with something.

it occurs to me that bodies are beautiful. this isn't a sexual thing at all, either; it's just so amazing that every atom that constitutes me was once inside a star, and now a bit cooler and more stable, the chemicals I am have risen to consciousness and can look in and see meaning and can look out and see beauty.

I need not look far. I have the love of the woman I love, who is at this moment asleep with one arm around my waist and is dreaming, eyes and arms and toes all aflutter. in the morning she won't remember but I will. someone I know recently had a dream contrasting me against lenny kravitz. the differences are vast and incisive; after all, who needs to be lenny, when I am me, here, now, stardust with her?

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Thursday 14th April 2005


life is hard, but life is harder when

1. you have a dream about a girl named morgan with whom you were once quite taken but have not spoken to in six years and she says to you 'hi, katrina' and you say to her 'hi, steve.'

2. you wake up sitting on the floor downstairs at 4 in the morning without knowing where you are or how you got there.

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Tuesday 12th April 2005

shameless self-promotion

you will buy my iPod.
you will buy my iPod.
you will buy my iPod.
you will buy my iPod.
you will buy my iPod.

hey, I'm a nice guy. I mean, you trust me, right? come on, baby. you do, right?

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Monday 11th April 2005


I have joined the skype bandwagon.

I fear this will open doors I ought not to pass through but will anyway; I'm shortsighted like that.

you can likely guess my username. if you can't, you don't deserve to hear my voice. if you can, just know that I'm stumbly and awkward on the phone, and you'd better think long and hard about just how much our friendship means and how much hinges on our ability to carry on a one-on-one conversation in real time. you know, should you choose to ring me. should you CHOOOOOOOOOOOSE TO RIIIIIIING MEEEEEEEE.

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