Thursday 23rd December 2004

'tis the season to be easily offended

it's never the majority; it's always the vocal minority.
(no) more on that later.

the really truly hard-liners of the denomination I nominally belong to think catholics are the beast that will devour the earth in the end times and that we shouldn't have anything to do with them—as in, we shouldn't speak to them, look at them, shouldn't use words that they use, and on and sodding on. in this xenophobic spirit, therefore, I want to wish you all a merry Christ-x.

if I wanted to be simultaneously politically correct and remain neutral with respect to tradition and culture and belief I'd wish you all a merry x-x.

but that's just lame. so: happy second day after solstice, everyone, and good luck in the arbitrarily-begun new year. unless you're chinese, in which case happy, uh, shiny, lucky … golden … dragon? SOMEONE POLITICALLY CORRECT ME PLEASE

happy whatever, weenies.

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[+] Comment by Ghengis

Whenever I hear something less than praiseful of my religion it triggers an innate desire to suit up in platemail and ride a horse towards some place so I can kill something with my sword. Then I just take a deep breath and remember how well the crusades went.

Merry Christ-Christ to you, Matt.

[+] Comment by topavia

if i had a horse and wasn't afraid of sharp things i'd be inclined to draw my sword too. we only have dull scissors at my house. i suspect that is why the commercialized presents i bought my kids weren't wrapped perfectly.

i'm thankful you speak to, look at, and shimmy with me.

Merry Christmas Matt.
(ps- offense is too commonly confused with one's sense of guilt, fear, or disagreement…but what the heck, it makes for great reality tv, right?)


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