Friday 31st December 2004

fatal attraction

in a word, I'm a sucker. for so many things.

a pretty face, shiny hair, a well-shaped neck*. any combination of these will surely stop me in my tracks. there is nothing like a girl and I have no trouble admitting it.

speaking of which. I believe I was flirted with yesterday whilst driving on the highway. I passed a car containing two young ladies. my cruise control was on, so I was going a constant speed. very soon after, this same car passed me and the young lady in the passenger seat looked in my direction with a slight smile on her face. very soon after, the car slowed down dramatically. so I did the logical thing and passed them again. very soon after, they passed me again, and again I got the same sort of corner-of-the-eye-smiley-look. it was all very confusing and I don't know what to make of it. surely they couldn't have been interested in me?—and if they were, what did they expect me to do about it? jump to their vehicle from mine, travelling at over 70 mph? silly girls, I'm no secret agent man.

dreams of late have been disturbing. last night's involved three pals I have who currently reside in thailand. I know the tsunami didn't threaten them; they've contacted me since. but still the troubling dream. I wish I knew whether dreams were based on reality, or pseudo-random (as I tend to think). that's all I'd like to know. it would make waking up a bit easier, sometimes.

this post so far has been brought to you by my desire to come clean. why, and with whom, perhaps I shall never know.

a year ago today I saw a car commercial. it said: 'make no payments till 2004!' (you can't make this stuff up.)

p.s. drew is the world's last bastion of sanity

*or one of the beauties in the victoria's secret catalogue which of course I've never even looked at not even once

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[+] Comment by Jay

I think dreams are a lot less random than real life is. Just check your own post for the randomness of life
a) highway flirting
b) tsumani dreams
c) car commercials
d) drew

[+] Comment by antimatt

jamie you always have something profound to bring me back 'round to clarity's side.

(since this is the first time I've realized your existence, and simultaneously the first time you've said anything to me, the above statement is undeniably true.)


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