Tuesday 14th December 2004

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JARNYAR through my so-phisticated inter-net know-how I saw you reading this. you, you who know the flesh-me, were not supposed to have clicked that link.

tea and iPod get me through the day. or rather, they would if I didn't have a healthy imagination. tea and iPod and imagination get me through the day. and corporate-sponsored sugar and cream and hot water. and vodka martinis that are not properly made because a) we don't have anything to shake them in, and b) we can't afford vodka. money is lame: I want it, just don't want to have to get it.

work philosophy that is sure to annoy my wife (if she reads this): go on break early, go on break often.

today I deposited our first paychecks. ordinarily this would make me feel rich, but on the same day all our bills arrived. how beautifully perfect. how perfectly beautiful.

current total number of hangnails = 3. current number of hangnails on left hand = 3. my left shoulder still hurts from when I slept on it wrong last week. I feel like neil. (who is feeling whose pain?)

today I also feel like an order post. in many ways.

[complaint]please, world: wherefore != where. whence != when.[/complaint]

thanks to arnoud, I now want to try spacecake. curiosity will inevitably kill the matt.

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[+] Comment by Anonymous

That's it, I'm keeping your Christmas present!

[+] Comment by antimatt

that may be, anonymous coward, but your mom's continual present(s) will balance it all out. with her, it's not so much the twelve days of christmas so much as the twelve months of christmas.

[+] Comment by antimatt

bah. clarification: anonymous guy up there is someone who knows me and someone I know. it's not that I'm an indiscriminate jerk to random people, DON'T GET THAT IMPRESSION


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