Monday 24th May 2004

sister = 21, (my how the years fly by)

every day is the day you realize you forgot an important birthday. in my case, it's my sister's birthday. what kind of brother am I? the answer is NOT A GOOD ONE.

I called her today and apologized. she forgave. we talked and laughed. nothing like the olden days of older brotherly pesterance. I'm so glad I'm not young anymore. it really is nice when sibling = friend. I hope it stays this way for a long, long time.

slashdot karma decreasing daily. we might not survive this. however: THANK YOU /. for proving again and again that I am not the nerdliest human living. not by a long shot.

financial situation can only get better. I know this because if it gets any worse I'll be living in a cardboard box and I've promised myself that will never happen.

red bull is yellowish. I've never come across yellow bull but if there's any justice in the world it must be red.

… how strange. I'm reduced to talking about colors of freaking beverages in this so-called journal of mine. something must change and that thing is me.

if writing insubstantial posts is cool, then I'm miles davis.

LAPTOP I will miss you when you're gone. we'll always have the good times to remember, though. like that one time when I typed that really funny thing using your keys. that was a good one. or that time that I used you to find out my grade in that one class. that wasn't so good, but I'll remember it nonetheless. or that one time I bought you on eBay. of all the times we've shared together, that certainly was one of them.

insight: quality of this post is falling.

I'll just be hitting the 'post' button now.

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