Tuesday 25th May 2004

= possibly penultimate post.

hatelife, this could be the end.

with the decline in the average apparent age and intelligence of users at hatelife recently, coupled with a simultaneous rise in angst and teenagerness in the same population, I have no choice but to leave it up to chance, to the magic decision-making 1/0 yes/no true/false algorithm, which never lies and whose decision is final and absolute and irrefutable and unappealable.

heads, I stay.
tails, I'm gone forever.

I'm serious about this.

believe me, I've thought a lot about it. I guess it all comes down to my needs.

do I need to stay? no. there are other journal sites out there in the great mysterious interweb.
would I be missed? probably. at least to a select few. at least for a while.
would they get over it? yes.
really? definitely.
would I miss hatelife? I already do. in the sense that it's not what it was when I started typing here; something has emerged and I'm not sure I fit in anymore.
do I enjoy hatelife? yes. I honestly do. and that's why it'll be hard to leave if tails should come up.

my next post might be my last. it'll be #200. a nice milestone. (but who's counting? the mystery box at the top-right corner and that's about it.)

honestly I'm hoping for heads. if not, I've made my peace but either way you'll be the first to know. actually the second because I'll know before you do. that's the perk of being me.

and I think you should know that because I'm a sissy little girl, it will be at least 24 hours and possibly much longer before I actually get to the business of actually flipping a coin.


here's hoping.

once again, wish me probability.


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