Wednesday 18th February 2004

Let's look at the expression "same difference."

Let's assume that Person A has viewpoint A, and Person B has viewpoint B. Person C, an observer of the argument between Persons A and B, has the insight that viewpoints A and B are essentially the same. So Person C says (of viewpoints A and B) "Same difference, you sucka foos."

In the above statement, Person C is using verbal shorthand to say that the difference between viewpoints A and B is the same as the difference between viewpoints B and A. So we have:

A - B = B - A


2A = 2B

and therefore

A = B,

which is precisely the assumed contention of Person C.

I'm writing this in defense of the expression "same difference," because I've been in arguments about it. I often say it without thinking, and this is mostly for my own benefit. So you don't have to read the above post. It's not for you. [/mathies]

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