Tuesday 1st June 2004

i am tyler durden.

1. you do not talk about Wedding Club.
2. you do not talk about Wedding Club.
3. someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the wedding is over.
4. only two to a wedding.
5. one wedding at a time.
6. no shirt, no shoes.
7. weddings will go on as long as they have to.
8. if this is your first night at Wedding Club, you have to wed.

I showed these to fiancee; she said she'd let me know. I don't think she was impressed by #3, though, as it gives me something of an excuse (if need be). she did like #7.

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a glitch in the braintrix

OKAY you know the Matrix Agent Smith copying thing? (yes) OKAY what if one of the Smiths tried to copy himself? putting his own hand into his own chest? would it be one of those annoying things that makes the universe blow up? I had a killer dream about that. I wonder what it feels like (during and after) for the Smith. if I were Smith, that's all I'd do all day, man.

"it is inevitable!"
*copying … copying … copying … ding! done*
"ha ha! now there are ONE of me! this is MY world!"

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quarter-life crisis in 3 … 2 …

happy birthday to me. it seems like the same thing happened last year, around this time. this whole 'cyclical nature of time' thing could get old pretty quick if it's not careful.

I must be a big boy now? I don't wear those big boy diaper-pants so it's hard to tell.

SOUL thank you for sticking around for the last twenty-something years, you are useful in a pinch and I appreciate your diverse and manifold contributions to my existence.


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