Wednesday 31st March 2004

my new favorite phrase of disgusted dismissal

more meaningful than 'kiss my ass,' more shocking than 'go to hell.' it is:

'go to my ass.'

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can't make it up

not bogus:

weight(mobile) = 0.42*weight(manual)

technology is so very, very beautiful.

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Tuesday 30th March 2004

would you like to try my new GUT PUNCH

taco bell items ordered yesterday.

1 small pepsi
1 cheese quesadilla
1 nacho cheese chalupa
1 crunchy taco

taco bell items received yesterday.

1 small root beer (no straw)
1 chicken quesadilla
1 nacho cheese chalupa (sans nacho cheese)
0 crunchy taco

number of dollars I was overcharged for the above taco bell items.


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Monday 29th March 2004


oh one more thing.

how much of a nerd am I? I just hit 2000 data units completed on seti@home, and I feel a certain sharp twinge of pride. why? because I'm that much of a nerd.

I can see it now: nerd support groups.

"Hi, my name is Matt, and I care about lame statistics."

"Hi, Matt."

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Sunday 28th March 2004

hulk smash stupid ads!

even if the magazine is not mine, I will flip through it hunting for those annoying tear-out or fall-out cardstock ads and trashinate them. it's my service to humanity. I have to do my part, you know.

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Saturday 27th March 2004

for sale: poker face, cheap, never been used

Q. when do I feel disillusioned?

A. when I find out both my parents know 200% more about Texas Hold-'Em than I do. and when I find out my mother is better at bluffing than I am. and when my fiancee randomly (but correctly) calls my bluff nine times out of ten.

it's amazing I stayed in the game as long as I did. who is bad at poker? the answer is me.

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Saturday 20th March 2004

dear neighbors across the street,

being Mexican really early in the morning is no excuse for playing Mexican music really early in the morning.



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