Sunday 29th February 2004

[] = my new most favoritest 'artsy' site

I don't know if your
wings are real,

I've never seen
you without them,

and I follow you


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Thursday 26th February 2004


nmrboy posted "there is a reply to one of your posts by God" in the best hatelife quotes forum. now I know how it feels.

in unrelated news. I just sent the hugest email of my life to a friend of mine in Thailand. ten pages. way too many hours' work.

my (lack of) sleep patterns begin to rival those of jim_.

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Monday 23rd February 2004


I was going to write something really great about apathy, but then I was like, "Aw, no one cares anyway. Myself least of all."

So, instead of writing something about the topic of apathy, I'm going to let apathy do the talking. And if apathy decides that apathy has nothing to say, well, that'll be all right, too, I guess.



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Sunday 22nd February 2004

it's like I'm grounded only I don't mind.

In about five minutes I'm going to have to leave the room and hide, because my roomie has a date. He's not the dating type and hasn't ever been in a serious relationship, so the rest of us are rooting for him. He cooked salmon. I've had his salmon, and if she likes it as much as I do, she'll be staying the night. If you know what I mean. Not that I stay the night because I like his chef-cookery skills. Am I digging myself a hole?

Whoops: she's walking in the door right now. I remember why I had a crush on her at one recent point in my life.

I love you like a dirty old man loves playgrounds.

with my ear to the door.


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Thursday 19th February 2004

here's what I mean

the daily identity crisis.

old to-do list:
-get mood swings under control.

new to-do list:
-find a way to live with mood swings.
-grow up, dummy.

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Wednesday 18th February 2004

captain's blog: stardate Wednesday, suppertime.

I've just come back from the local college science building, where I witnessed a strange occurrence. The meeting with my adviser was over, and I was walking away down the hallway. At the end of the hall, a group of engineers were huddled around the door, staring at the strange symbols written at the top of the doorframe. Apparently they were unable to decipher them.

"What do they mean?"

"I've never been through this door, it might be dangerous! Let's get a professor!"

"Yes, yes! This situation isn't documented in any of my books and I can't find it in my TI-89 manual! We definitely need help! I need an adult!"

The door was marked 'EXIT.'

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Let's look at the expression "same difference."

Let's assume that Person A has viewpoint A, and Person B has viewpoint B. Person C, an observer of the argument between Persons A and B, has the insight that viewpoints A and B are essentially the same. So Person C says (of viewpoints A and B) "Same difference, you sucka foos."

In the above statement, Person C is using verbal shorthand to say that the difference between viewpoints A and B is the same as the difference between viewpoints B and A. So we have:

A - B = B - A


2A = 2B

and therefore

A = B,

which is precisely the assumed contention of Person C.

I'm writing this in defense of the expression "same difference," because I've been in arguments about it. I often say it without thinking, and this is mostly for my own benefit. So you don't have to read the above post. It's not for you. [/mathies]

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