Sunday 8th June 2003

hatin' life.

I was forced into doing homework on a Saturday night. It's sad. I'm sad. No, wait. I'm PISSED OFF. HELL. I want to be five years old again. I want to have a treehouse in my backyard again. (Hell, I want a backyard again.) Maybe if we all ignore finals, they'll go away. I'm game. Yeah! Screw finals! Who's with me? Anyone anyone?

I've decided my life is meaningless. I'll tell you the premises that lead me to this conclusion.

Life to me consists of the following cycle:

1. Learn things until finals week.
2. Prove you've learned something.
3. Get happy and drunk for a week.
4. Sleep it off.
5. Proceed to next classes.
6. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And it follows that my life is meaningless. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Hold on a second: that means that my life is circular instead of linear. Therefore either a) I'm stuck in a time warp, or b) I'll never die, since death is the end of one's life line.

Oh. Third option: I'm stupid and it's late and logic doesn't work for me when I'm stupid and it's late. Forget it. Never mind.


I started a green journal with my significant other. I write something in it and give it to her, then she writes something in it and gives it to me, etc. It's tremendously useful in a somewhat sentimental way. It's good for people who self-express much better through written words than face-to-face. Like me, for example. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Now I'm off to bed without my supper. And without a party and with only a single shot. What has my life become? Oh, that's right. It's meaningless. It all comes back to me.

Now playing: The Smashing Pumpkins - Daphne Descends. Best. Song. Ever.

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