Tuesday 21st October 2003

One thing I love: a hot hot hot shower, and putting my head under the stream of water and plugging my ears. It sounds like constant heavy rain on a window. It's extremely relaxing. Seriously: if I meditated, I'd do it in the shower.

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Sunday 19th October 2003

It's official: I and the mates are moving out of this hellhole basement apartment and into a real bona fide house. Probably in the next two or three days.

It will be good to live in a room with a window.

That's all I have to say about that.

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Friday 17th October 2003

I realize that angst is lame. But bear with me for a paragraph or so.

I'm tired of being surrounded by friends and feeling lonely. I'm tired of being in a mood I think needs constant explaining or constant justification. I'm tired of writing sad poems and soft wistful prose since it all scans to cliche anyway. I'm tired of missing my dead best friend. I'm tired of believing in God, because on nights like this I think I should, and that I should have done more with my life up to this point and have somehow thro

bah, hell with it.

I wish I would just grow up. I want this now more than ever. Perhaps that's the first step.

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Thursday 16th October 2003

Do people in class not realize that they are not teachers, but really just students themselves? What is this great mental disease that makes loud 40-something social work majors feel that their life experiences are more worth listening to than the lecture? NO ONE CARES IF YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY MOTHER, SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND GIVE US ALL A SODDING BREAK.

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