Monday 2nd June 2003

I'm officially burned out. How do I know this? I just took a test and did what I consider to be the worst I've ever done on any test in my scholastic career. And to top it off, the class is 200 level, AND it's in my major field.

One more week of class, then finals week. Ordinarily I'd be stupid with happiness. But somehow I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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the story so far:

1) Our Hero is born, grows up, and lives comfortably in The City Of His Choice for many, many years.
2) Our Hero's dad's bosses ask the dad to move to a different city in 1991.
3) The dad's bosses ask him to move to a more different city in 1996.
4) The dad's bosses ask him to move to an even more different city in 2001.
5) The dad quits the job, which he had for ~25 years, last Friday.
6) Our Hero's dad concurrently takes a position with another company, who asks the dad to please bring his family to Southern California and breathe some smog for a while because it's really just terrific down here.

Right. Well, I'm off to save the world.

Remember, kids: If you see the flash, duck and cover. 'Cuz the turtle guy says so.

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